Downhole Shut-in Tool


Downhole Shut-in Tool

The Downhole Shut-In Tool (DHSIT or SST) is an electromechanical tool that allows the user to shut-in a well in the wellbore. Shutting a well in the wellbore, typically above the perforations, helps reduce the effect due to wellbore storage. This allows the user to capture pertinent virgin information as to how the well is performing. The data captured via Downhole Memory Pressure gauges can provide accurate characterization of a well. Downhole shut-in during production of a well provides transient data analysis and reservoir characterization.

The Downhole Electronic Shut-In Tool Systems automatically shuts-in your well near the sand face or perforations, removing wellbore storage effects that can reduce data quality while minimizing costly production downtimes.

Operational Process

  1. Tool runs in the Hole open (Figure 1)
  2. After X time (programmed from computer or selectable knob setting), the valve will close, shutting off the well (Figure 2)
  3. After Y time (programmed from computer or selectable knob setting), the valve opens allowing the well to flow again (Figure 3)

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