Free Point Indicator Tool


Free Point Indicator Tool (FPIT)

The FPIT free-point indicator tool with combined backoff shot determines the free point in stuck drillpipe, drill collars, tubing, or casing and then provides the force that frees the stuck assembly. The FPIT tool provides accurate information about the stuck assembly, saving you both time and money because you can make immediate and informed decisions.

During the course of drilling or workover, the work string can become stuck in the borehole for many reasons: hole conditions, formation characteristics, mud properties, mechanical problems, assembly tools, or operational error. Saving the well and reducing expense means freeing the stuck assemblies quickly and efficiently. The FPIT tool determines how much of the stuck assembly may be freed. In combination with a backoff shot, the FPIT tool efficiently frees the stuck section of the assembly by applying an explosive shock inside a tool joint to which left-hand torque has been applied. Up to seven strands of Primacord detonating cord can be used for the combined operation’s explosive load.

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