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Kodiak Services Partnership Since 1997 serving our customers providing Wireline, Slickline and Fluid Management with operations in Canada, USA, Colombia, Belize, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Mexico.

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Kodiak Services

Kodiak Services Partnership is a private organization founded in 1997. It has diversified and has become a full-service organization that offers production / cash flow and MPD / UBD testing services, with operations in Canada, USA. UU., Colombia, Belize, Guatemala, Ethiopia and Mexico.


Kodiak offers a wide range of services in oil fields with highly staff trained that allows us to offer solutions customizable to optimize the success of the exploration, completion and production of wells of oil and gas. We promise to offer exceptional value when providing solutions practical and cost-effective needs specific to our customers.


Continue to develop our worldwide presence, by diversifying our service line and product portfolio, thus expanding our capacity to offer customized and value-added solutions To our customers. We achieve this through growth strategic in current markets and opportunities emerging; combined with the continuous improvement of our operational efficiency and use of assets.

Our Services


Wireline Logging Services using new technology equipment and Logging tools for well intervention, reservoir evaluation, perforating and pipe recovery.


Slickline and Braided Line operations with very high quality tools, new technology trucks and experienced team for your mechanical interventions.


Provision of best practices with experienced personnel and customized equipment for your well challenging interventions.

Our products

Environmental Remediation and Recovery - BEARR

Oil and Gas Industry needed better, safer and environmentally...

Completion Tools and Accesories

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We provide great and on time services to our valuable customers.