Our commitment to safety is a critical part of our workplace culture – for more than 20 years we’ve fine-tuned our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.

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Health, Safety & Environment

Our commitment to safety is a critical part of our workplace culture – for more than 20 years we’ve fine-tuned our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.

We have earned the Certificate of Recognition (COR) with the Partnerships in Health and Safety Program
– certified by the Petroleum Industry Training Service. We’ve also focused on education training and communication to continually improve safety practices. This ensures that our management, supervisors, employees, contractors and subcontractors are engaged in our techniques and able to work safely and
effectively while complying with relevant rules and legislation.

Kodiak has taken an active leadership role in the Wireline Industry through our participation in the Petroleum Services Association of Canada Health and Safety Transportation and Oil Well Perforating Committees. We are committed to quality and safety through our participation in the development of a Standard of Competence for all of our services, with full time QHSE staff committed to ensure our operations and procedures are following and exceeding regulatory compliance.

Our corporate HSE Policy is overseen by the Health, Safety and Environmental committee which provides direction for the management of HSE and input current and emerging health, safety and environmental Issues.

HSEQ Policy Excerpt

Kodiak Services bases its activities on the identification of hazards and risk assessment and control, in addition to the identification of aspects and mitigation of environmental impacts, carrying out the activities under the highest quality standards in favor of continuous improvement of the standards HSEQ and complying with current applicable legislation.
These pillars are applicable to both the organization’s staff and the contractor or subcontractor staff.


Supply of specialized services (Wireline, Slickline). Consultancy and technical support for the evaluation and optimization of the performance of drilling fluids, the management of solids control, water treatment and waste management in drilling wells, for the hydrocarbons sector; Based on the general structure of the system, the guidelines of the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007, Decree 1072 of 2015, Resolution 0312 of 2019 and RUC Guide, parent company determinations and own standards defined by the organization, in order to achieve the satisfaction of our interested parties, as well as control potential emergency situations, such as oil spills, environmental impacts due to soil damage (waste generation), resource depletion (water and energy savings ) and control of occupational hazards in the organization.

This scope has been established and may be increased, limited or modified, in accordance with external and internal issues, according to the understanding of the organization and its context, as well as the requirements of the relevant stakeholders. Within the scope of the environmental management system, control is included in the face of possible emergencies, such as damage caused by the generation of waste and containment, which may have an environmental impact and which are ensured through the waste control management procedure or The emergency plan.



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