Magnetic Fluid Conditioners (MFC’s) are tools that treat fluid using magnetic technology to control and  prevent paraffin, scale, and emulsion. Using our patented technology 100% of production is treated as it passes through the MFC. 

  • Adequate magnetic strength 
  • Number of magnetic poles 
  • Sufficient fluid velocity through the MFC 
  • Orthogonal application of the magnetic field to the flowing fluid   
  • All metal components 100% high quality stainless steel 

Due to the complexity of some flowing systems, we may need to adjust or enhance the MFC’s deployed in order to achieve satisfactory performance. 

Placement of the tool is key in maintaining equipment. Downhole tools are installed in tubing or seat nipple or right above ESP or below the  Rod Pump and surface units are placed at the well head or circulating  pump. 

Drawing of MFC for the Tubing 

  • Minimize or eliminate: 

         • Chemical treatments for scale and paraffin deposition. 

         • Hot oiling flowlines and production tubing. 

         • Downhole paraffin or scale cutting. 

  • Hot oiling flowlines and production tubing. 
  • Downhole paraffin or scale cutting. 
  • Stabilize production rates. 
  • Minimize downtime and increase present value. 
  • Minimize work overs and expensive treatments. 
  • Improve the quality of crude oil by eliminating emulsions in the storage tank or pipeline…thus, increasing value. 
  • Reduce corrosion by allowing inhibitor to reach pipe. 
  • The costs of one hot oil & chemical treatments for a single month could be more than the costs of a full year of Flo-Rite downhole tools, per well
  • Since the tools treat the fluid mechanically instead of chemically,
  • there is no chance of a  chemical spill or possibility of chemical contact with humans or wildlife. There is no risk of electrocution due to the fact the tools require no external power. 
  • No MSDS required. 
  • No storage space is required for hazardous materials.