Perforating Gun Systems

Applications / Benefits

Perforating Gun Systems

Maximized productivity from your well depends on getting the perforations right, located in the productive interval, correctly oriented, deep and clean, our hollow carrier and capsule perforating guns are engineered systems that are optimized for the wellbore environment, reservoir, and completion geometry. 

Capsule Guns: exposed gun systems, with the individual shaped charges sealed in pressure-tight protective capsules mounted on a carrier strip or links that are exposed to the well environment.

Expendable and Retrievable systems: the two types of capsule guns are expendable (the charges and mounting assembly are left as debris after firing) and retrievable (debris is left, but the mounting is recovered for use where debris is a concern). 

Super Deep Penetrating (SDP) charges: offer unbeatable penetration when compared to conventional shaped charges while maintaining excellent hole diameter. These large holes assure greater tunnel volume beyond the damaged zone allowing for enhanced flow and productivity.

Good Hole (GH) charges: are unique in that they offer a perfect balance between larger hole diameter while retaining very good penetration. 

Big Hole (BH) charges: produce the maximum hole diameter and area of flow while keeping an effective penetration, perfect for gravel pack or frac pack operations.

Benefits / Features

  • Helps reduce fracture break down Pressure.
  • Potential reduction in weak sand production.
  • No incremental cost required to upgrade existing hardware.
  • Wide variety of charges to meet specific needs.
  • Super deep penetrating charges perforate beyond the damaged zone.
  • Greater formation contact created by bigger holes.
  • Big hole charges optimized for gravel packs.
  • Compatible and best used with all existing Hunting Titan wireline and TCP systems.
  • Can be deployed using all conveyance methods. Available with RDX, HMX and HNS

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