Perforating Trigger


Perforating Trigger

The Quick Change Trigger (QCT) is designed to fulfill the need for a cost effective triggering device, without compromising on quality, to initiate all types of explosive and pyrotechnic devices, regardless of the method of deployment. The tools concept has been based around quick & easy cartridge changes if required at the well site and this can be performed with no specialized tools. The QTC would be suited to lower pressure zones where deployment is via TCP, Coiled Tubing or Slickline due to its selective control pulse window.

Cartridge inserts are available for firing a wide range of ballistic devices used in the following applications:


  • Casing perforating.
  • Tubing punching.
  • Tubing cutting.
  • Plug/Packer setting.
  • Downhole sampling.
  • Various other downhole operations.

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