Split Shots & Jet Cutters

Owen’s Split ShotR Cutter was designed for use where traditional jet cutters were not effective or could not be used. The Split ShotR Cutter is run in a linear configuration adjacent to any collar or connection and positioned by inline magnets. After detonation the collar or connection is split allowing the pipe to be freed for easy removal.

  • Compatible with Control Fire and select RF-safe igniter systems.
  • No conveyance limitations.
  • World’s largest range of cutters.
  • Cutters can be customized to specific situations

Jet Cutters


  • Pipe recovery operations.
  • Low pressure gas well tubing recovery.


  • Cleanest cuts in the industry, with minimal flaring.
  • Rated up to 400 °F, 22000 psi (2040 °C, 152 Mpa).
  • Clean cuts in low pressure gas wells utilizing advanced technology.

Split Shots & Jet Cutters