Thru – Tubing Bridge Plug (T-TBP)

T-TBP pass thru small diameter restrictions and can set in diameters up to 8 times their run-in diameter. Cement slurry is placed atop the plug to achieve long-term pressure isolation. Over 30.000 WL-run T-TBPs have been successfully run throughout the global oil industry.


T-TBPs can run on WL, Slickline and CT. They provide a platform upon which SuperSlurry cement is placed. The cement sets and bonds to casing, therein, providing a long term high ΔP casing plug

WideRange T-TBPs provide zonal isolation in: perforated intervals, saltwater wellbore fluids, hot dry natural gas and crude oil and gas condensate. SuperSlurries are available in 17ppg, 18ppg & 20ppg slurry weights. SuperSlurries, high shear-bond expanding cement formulations, are placed atop WideRange T-TBPs. The combination of the two provides zonal isolation for the life of the well.

Thru – Tubing Bridge Plug (T-TBP)