Well Integrity


Multifinger Imaging Tool - MIT

The MIT is available in a range of diameters to suit varying casing/tubing sizes. The number of fingers increases with the diameter of the tool to maintain maximum surface coverage. The tools can be run in combination with other Well Integrity instruments

MIT data can be used to generate 3D images of pipe condition using Kodiaks visualization software Well Integrity Visual Analysis (WIVA). Well Integrity Processing, Evaluation & Reporting (WIPER) software can also be used to make a statistical analysis of the pipe condition.

Magnetic Thickness Tool – MTT

The Magnetic Thickness Tool surveys variations in pipe metal thickness. Twelve sensors are mounted on the inside of a set of bow springs, allowing the tool to pass through tubing and log pipe sizes up to 9 5/8” casing.

MTT provides accurate measurements of the internal diameter is extremely effective, but is not the complete story. Many instances of corrosion damage are on the outside of the casing / tubing. Then, the tool provides a measurement of Metal loss on outside of casing.


  • Pipe inspection for internal & external metal loss.
  • Surveys wall thickness.
  • Optimized results using MIT data for internal diameter.
  • Logs casing below tubing due to bow spring design.
  • Simultaneous operation with other Sondex UltrawireTM tools.
  • Surface read out or memory logging.
  • Visualization using WIVA 3D imaging software.
  • Processing, Evaluation and Reporting with WIPER software.  

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